photo fabio cecere - model amanda brambini

Atelier Barbara Montagnoli

Barbara Montagnoli Atelier comes from the best Italian tradition on high quality and tailor made fashion for women.
Giancarlo Montagnoli started this history in the Sixties, when in Milano boomed the Alta Moda with the most important Italian brand that, even today, are very appreciated worldwide for the design and the strong identity they stated.
The Atelier of Giancarlo’s daughter Barbara maintains this tradition, adding a note of innovation and curiosity toward a market that since the beginning of the XXI century changed quickly and extraordinarly.
The attention to the mock-up, the skillful talent on prototype and the careful selection of fine textile are the distinctive elements of the Atelier, that is one of the few Italian high quality dressmaker company that survived to a massive industrialization of the fashion sector and evolved toward the prêt à porter.
The protagonist of the brand Barbara Montagnoli is the woman, a woman very careful for details, materials and for the modern lifestyle. A woman that doesn’t get satisfaction from the Atelier only for the ceremony dress but that decide to have a Barbara Montagnoli in her wardrobe because it has been made only for her, tailor made for her.
An approach that for Barbara Montagnoli, starting form the historical Atelier in the refined city center of Crema, nearby Milano, means to spread the Italian fashion culture on the groove of the artisan tradition that all over the world is valued, cherished and appreciated.